Scribing and Imbibing

May 10, 2008

Combating Burnout

Filed under: Blogging,Writing — Rich @ 4:11 pm

Part of my impetus to new activity these days is that I was battling a bit of a burnout condition earlier this week. Lethargy, sluggishness, “wool in the head.” I’d been so immersed in writing (and one or two other personal things) that I’d wrung out the fun.

Amy mentioned to me that when she gets to that point in her day-to-day, she tends to clean out drawers, make lists, and generally get organized.

I, it seems, need to geek out.

I’d heard that the new version of Ubuntu Linux (8.04, “Hardy Heron”) had been released this past week, so I downloaded the ISO image, installed an OEM copy of Nero on my main Win2000 box to allow me to burn the image to CD-ROM, and spun it up to play with the LiveCD install. Excellent. Nice to see where Ubuntu’s gone, even since the last version I tried out. I may keep it on the Win2K box as a dual-boot. It was a blast.

In any event, the next morning after all this geekery, I was refreshed, energized, and enthused to take on the day. It might have been switching from “reactive” to “proactive mode”; it might have been that software & circuitry tickle my brain in all the right places; it might have been that I just needed to break out of my little mini-rut.

In any event, here we are: I’m blogging again, enjoying writing again, and excited about resuming my literary journey.



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